Time is Money. Are You Wasting It?

Time is money. Most of us have heard this phrase at one point in our life, right?

As I turned double 21 recently, I realized time was not my friend. In fact, it had stolen my babies (they are all men now), and it really did a number on my figure (okay, maybe the cookies did that). Anyhow, you get what I am trying to say. Time doesn’t stop for anyone. Not you, not me. And this can be very disheartening.

It’s Sunday, the first day of the week, so I will try my best not to kill the first day of your week, but I want to give you a valid reminder as a business owner. Time is money, and if time isn’t my friend, could it possibly also be stealing my money?

I think it can! This last year I took time to slow down and restructure somewhat, but what I noticed is that time flew by. Where in the world did it go? It was as though it was in a hurry to get somewhere, far away from me. And so I started a fight with time and I realized I needed to make her my friend, not my enemy. I needed to make the hours and the minutes count. I needed to cash in my time chips by working my ass off! And so I did. And I am. I want you know that you should be doing the same.

No One Will Work as Hard for you Business as You!

No one, absolutely no one, will work as hard as you for your business. And by all means if they are, then you suck (this is for me too, no sugar, just the truth)! Some people say that you’re finally a real entrepreneur when you actually never work and everyone works for you. But I don’t buy into this one bit. Yes, you get more vacations and time of rest but that’s only because you go so fast you have to take a second to breath again, just to go back out and hustle more.

I believe that if you are truly an entrepreneur, then you live to create and to build. I don’t recall Steve Jobs sitting on a beach his entire career, or Steven Spielberg retiring while he barked orders. I think that ONE, you need to be a great delegator and TWO, you never stop working at your business. If you STOP, someone will come and take your spot.

In fact, right now, someone is working harder than you to beat you to those clients you’ve been dreaming of!

You’re not just gonna let them beat you, right? No way, Jose! You’re going to get it to-getha, and you’re going run, NOT WALK. Yes, you might trip and fall – we all do! Get over it! Get your butt back up and run!

Again, if you’re not working at your business, but rather in it, or you’re not watching the clock and strategically taking time back from her, then you are doing yourself a BIG disservice.



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