3 Things You Must Have to Make Your Dreams Come True

Have you been dreaming about owning your own business for years and you just haven’t had the time to do so?

Well, you must know that today is the best time to begin working on making that dream come true!

There is no magic potion when creating a business and making it succeed in fact it takes a lot of hard work and dedication. The good news is I believe that if you were created to build and create a business then you have what it takes tucked inside of you! Now is the best time to launch a small business. Never has it been this easy to do something this great!

The dream buried inside of you has almost no excuse, as you can do almost anything right from your very own home.

Nowadays, moms have created great companies from their laptops, between naps and pre-school and late nights after the kids are in tucked safely in bed. These woman have decided to pick up their dream, write it out, map out a plan and get to work on creating their very own business from home! From crafts to teachers, they have boutiques and blogs, they are real estate agents and MLM hustlers. And yet they all have one thing in common.


I love the fact that we can be brave and leave our nine to fives to pursue passions such as blogging, teaching, health and fitness and even being the host of our very own YouTube shows!

And moms aren’t the only ones pushing through, making things happen in the middle of the night or in the wee hours of the morning before the family rises. Men all over the world have taken on side passions like converting their love for sports into selling their favorite gear on eBay and Amazon.

Some, just like the ladies, have their very own YouTube series teaching others how to make mind shifts in family, life, and business. And so many have successfully created DIY videos teaching us how fix a broken pipe or broken deck. You can do almost anything you love now for some extra cash flow!

How do they do it?

Can we be honest? Oh good, because I rarely sugar coat anything related to business (especially since it’s my favorite subject).

The only difference between you and them are the steps they took to get started.

Determination and Drive too.

Do you need knowledge? Yes. Do you need strategy? Heck yea! But can you learn how to even start there? Yes!

Didn’t I just say you can learn anything online?

Let’s be honest, most people claim to have goals and every year on the first they adjust them to make them greater or better than the year before…

Yet goals often hinder us! What???? Goals can hinder? Ah-Yes!

News Flash:
Setting goals too low and hitting them can result in a mediocre life.

Setting goals above your comfort zone means you may never reach them, but you will always strive for more.

Wait that’s not all.

Do your goals actually inspire you? Or are they crappy and you hate them? You will never get out of bed for goals you hate, so please re-evaluate. Don’t do what others are doing just because they made some cash.

The vision must be yours, no one else’s.

Goals seems to lose their power when we always set them and never do them. They become something we get used to talking about. You say and set them, but you have no true intention to hit them!!

I’ve done this about a dozen times with weight loss goals! Anyone, relate? I say 20 pounds, yet don’t stop eating cake, never make it to the gym and never sleep a full 8 hours. That’s almost everything opposite from what I should be doing, which means not hitting my goal.

Your visions should be compelling; so compelling it gives you an urgency to run towards those high goals. I love working because the work I created is my passion and so it gets me, it keeps me up and drives me to make money!

Now tell me how long have you been dreaming of that side business?

Perhaps, the plan is to make a full time business in the future?

Just how much longer will you wait to learn to execute your dreams and reach those extremely hard goals???

C’mon really what are you waiting for?

Perhaps, your next life?



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