Being Stuck Sucks

“Stucks” are often fear based. And being stuck sucks.

The fear to launch is one of our biggest stucks! I could probably write a hundred examples about when I’ve been stuck. I can also say those times I remember so clearly weren’t just times of being stuck, but feeling as though someone had strapped me down to a chair.

There were times when I couldn’t move because the fear had become too big, too overwhelming. My insecurities were mountains and the confident girl I really was would stand frozen.

“Kidnapped by fear” would be a good way to describe the girl who would disappear in fear.

Being stuck is probably the hardest thing for an entrepreneur.

Sometimes you’re stuck because of uncontrolled circumstances such as health issues or family problems. For me, it has looked different in many seasons but it has felt the same in each one.

Perhaps there are real obstacles causing you to be stuck longer than you want to be and so you freeze thinking there is no way around any of it. Life is just too hard, too complicated, too messy, too much to bear even.

The only thing I have ever gotten from being stuck is that it’s been in those times that I’ve had to crawl to the feet of my Father, literally face down in the ugly cry on the ground begging for my God to do something.

I have shouted, I have pleaded, I have moaned and in those times of being stuck, I have found God.

The only remedy for being stuck in my life has been faith. Finding the faith to believe in something greater than me. See, I will fail, I will hurt, I will bend and sometimes break, but when I can look at Him and not me, I go from weak to strong.

I take all that He is and plug-in to the source of all greatness and it’s only there that I can truly get recharged. It’s only there that I find myself again and get unstuck. It’s in Him!

My Savior has a beautiful way of putting me back together, replacing my footing, and redirecting me like no one else.

I wish I could take all the credit on how I’ve generated millions using my gifts, but the truth is I only have these gifts because He’s assigned them to me. He’s entrusted me with them and it’s up to me to use them and take care of them, to nourish them, and flourish in them!

He made the way already.

I just have to look up at his faithfulness to find the ultimate strength in him.

This is the source who, while I was in my mother’s womb, breathed life into me. He can do the very thing I need Him to do and that’s to breath life into me over and over again. And it’s in that, and through this renewal, when all things that are not of Him will simply break off…or shall I say, unstick from us.

I have had a hard time with personal affirmations and practicing the law of attraction for several reasons, not because science isn’t real or that God is separate from science, but often times we make success about our own ability and not Gods and I try hard not to do this. As soon as I do, I usually fumble the ball before the first touchdown! (This analogy is for my husband. See, I do pay attention when I sit beside you…)

Choosing not to be a slave to fear, which causes us to be stuck, releases us in ways only LOVE can do.

So instead of giving myself a pep talk in front of a mirror and telling myself I am able, I stand before Him and say, “You are able”.

Right before I started my healthcare consulting company, I was coming out of the hardest and ugliest season in my life. I had a sick husband who was dealing with depression and I had three small sons, one which was acting up daily and leaving me in tears nightly.

During that season I prayed a lot, so much so I’m thankful heaven didn’t get sick of me!  I faced some huge mountains at that time and fear was everywhere around me. I felt it like a monster following my family. It wanted to consume all of us and swallow us whole, but I insisted that God would heal us. He would heal my husband and we would get through this as a family.

In the midst of this season I was offered a job at a clinic and it was there that God trained me for my future (I will share that story more in detail in another post).

I didn’t love that job for several reasons, mostly due to lack of pay and poor management as well as the burden of what was happening in my home. But I remember praying the same prayer daily, “Give me favor with man, teach me what I need to learn, increase me where I am at, and help me to grow when I want to give up…”

I begged for God’s favor to come through, even through the unbelievers I worked with. I asked God to move on my behalf and for the next couple of years he did just that! He showed himself faithful in my pain.

He gave me favor with my employer, so much that my boss took the time to teach me how to make money as a healthcare consultant and marketer. He wasn’t an ideal mentor – he cursed, was hot headed, and paid everyone peanuts – but yet that man ended up playing one of the biggest roles in my future.  His time in my life was temporary, but what he taught me would last a lifetime. He was used by God and I’m sure he wasn’t intending to be.

Sometimes we don’t know God is at work through others and we assume everything is a coincidence but it’s not.

God is intentional and even in our stuck moments He’s working things out to move us forward.

When I think about God and how He moves, I think about mercy flowing through our veins. We don’t see it, but it’s there.

If you’re stuck today, I can tell you that looking at what you can do is not the answer, it’s in this moment that we must look at what He can do.

He releases us from being stuck in His perfect timing and then we are free to do our part.



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