Why Strategic Planning is Vital for Both Business and Life

Life has a funny way of twisting and turning and often times we are surprised by the outcome of our life. But is life really as unpredictable as we think it is? Or let me rephrase that, does it need to be as unpredictable as we’ve known it? Can strategic planning save both our lives and business from heartache, frustration, and pain?

As an entrepreneur of 15+ years I have studied how to do business successfully – from books, to webinars, to conferences, to learning from actually doing it. Mastering how to do business has taught me things way beyond the boardroom.

See, business is all about strategy and planning out our steps in order to determine outcomes. Everything from marketing to budgeting, if not executed with a strategic plan, will leave you surprised and sometimes very disappointed. Sure, business can have some unexpected surprises but a BIG portion is a direct result of our controlled actions.

Life is similar in a way that there are things that can be planned and there are some things that cannot. We entrepreneurs concentrate on what can be controlled through strategic planning.

I found that after 43 years of going with the flow of life, my best outcomes were the ones I put strategic planning behind from buying a house and cars, to starting a business – it all required a plan.  When there was a plan there was action behind it, which took me directly to a result that was hoped for. I say, “hoped” because even action doesn’t always mean you’ll get approved for that house or car, but what it does do is get us as close as possible.

While raising my three sons, there was planning behind most of it. Some things were not predictable. For the most part, my husband and I had strategic plans such as where they went to school, choosing their teachers, having rules about going out, and not spending the night at friends’ houses. We had very clear steps of what we would avoid as a family to get the boys to arrive in one piece to graduation from high school and beyond into adulthood.

Business has really made me rethink how I approach life in general; it has made me more aware of the value of strategic planning.

See, life is really like a game of Monopoly and when you can look at the entire game board from start to end, you will be careful with the steps made in the middle. Because what you do in the middle really matters. You will want to avoid jail at all cost and you will want to grow your cash flow by taking calculated risks.

Monopoly taught us how to acquire property in order to charge those who stayed in our square and how to give up money in order to get more money in return later. It might as well have been called “Investor” instead of Monopoly. What a great game!

A business run without strategy will be less than exciting, at times slow, frustrating, and less profitable than when you consider the entire game from start to finish.

What if, in business, you went from square to square making sure you were headed in the right direction to get you to the finish line? What if you planned those calculated risks and made those twenty calls a day to ideal clients? What if you took those risks and made videos even though you have it in your mind that the camera adds ten pounds? What if you actually told your target market that you have what they need! See, it all takes risk, but before the risk make a plan.

Strategy must be your daily bread, of course, behind actually reading the Bible and consuming that daily bread! Hey now!







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