Marketing Your Business When You’re Busy Marketing Others

Have you spent a ton of hours marketing your business only to see your list growing at a snail’s pace?

What about traditional marketing such as networking, print, and conferences?

Looking back, after years of business, my biggest challenge has been marketing my own company.

I love marketing because I love people! It’s easy to connect with an audience when you genuinely love them! Cheesy? Well, it doesn’t have to be. There has to be some ability to care for others when bringing them a product or service.

When creating our business, we usually have something that can make a difference in someone’s life. We offer solutions through service and software. We offer help with getting fit and helping clients remain fit through coaching and in return help them live a long life. We even sell products that put smiles on buyer’s faces! (For me, this is candles and mugs! They might as well box them as gifts that bring joy!)

I believe I can do well marketing anything that I believe in when it comes to doing it for others, but for myself, the struggle has been real!

I started with marketing ten years ago in healthcare and it was easy. I actually enjoyed it and was super good at it. Most of it was making friends and gaining the trust of others in order to get them to use my clients’ services.

See, marketing for our clients and for ourselves just isn’t the same.

You can use the same process, but ask yourself:

  • Do I have the same budget?
  • Do I have the same the technology?
  • Do I have the same reach, a long list of leads?
  • Am I putting in the same effort?
  • Am I delegating to an assistant?

A blueprint or map will set you up to succeed.

See, I would get hired and would be given a blueprint. I was given a target list and an ideal market, territory, a budget, a script and I was sent out to conquer! And yes, voila, sales were made.

But, what happens when marketing your own small business requires a ton of work, energy, and cash?

How do we work on our business, when we are working in it? This is a huge challenge!

Where does one even begin?

You must identify your market: target clients, territory.

You need cash.

You need leads!

You need social media, blogging, ads, YouTube and so much more…

You need an assistant, for sure!

The marketing world is NOT new to me, however, digital marketing when attempted a few years ago became an entirely different game. And a ton of work!

As a solopreneur, we will be required to market our businesses and if we don’t know how we might be in trouble.

Experts say we must find our target market and get them to fall in love with us. Whoa! Sounds like dating. And it is. Today, I post two to three times a day on Instagram and court some of my followers by engaging them and answering their biz questions. This takes dedication. But this also can be fun and rewarding!

Growing my list with awesome amazing people has been rewarding.

You can easily run out of zeal when you become overwhelmed with the digital marketing to-do list.

If you believe in your service or product, then you will have passion and want to showcase it without any reserves. If you doubt your product or service your lack of passion will show, make sure you love it. (Read blog post to help with this: 3 Steps to Staying In Love with Your Business)

The beauty of digital marketing is the possibility of reach. That is so exciting! Who you can reach today is unbelievable!

Yet, if you don’t have the right processes, tools, and help in place, the work will make you crazy. Creating the blueprint and map will keep you from jumping off course and getting discouraged with it all.

My top favorite tools for digital, email and social media marketing:

  • Planoly for organizing my Instagram post (I have several social media management tools but this one is my favorite. I have found it super easy to plan my post, to create them all in one day for the week or even two weeks. My tip is to create themes for the week so you’re never out of content.
  • Convert Kit for email marketing (love this tool!) This email service allows me to plan a sequence of emails for a campaign and allows me to create emails and set them on a timer.
  • Click Funnels for Sales Pages, Lead Generation, Sales Funnels  This tool has made it super easy for me to create “Call to Action” landing pages.

Since beginning my journey I have made a ton of connections and even built some relationships on social media. My current healthcare company gets new clients from Linkedin with no real work on our part aside from being present and engaging.

I wasn’t having fun in the beginning, but now I am. Now, I have the tools in place that automate things and help me stick to my strategy and plan.

I want you to have fun while building your business. So I want to give you a gift! Check out my free guide that gives you a list of all the digital tools I use today!


PS I am an affiliate to two my favorite tools so please use my links! Thanks friends! xoxo



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