Does Fear Have Your Dreams On Hold?

Does fear have your dreams on hold?

Maybe you’ve carried the same dream since childhood, college, after having your first child, or maybe it’s a new dream that appeared just a few years ago. Either way, it’s in you and hasn’t left you. You think about it all the time and yet you have done nothing.

There may have been times when you began to move and then you suddenly stopped because worrying and the big “what ifs” multiplied in your mind. What if someone steals my idea or what if I don’t make money, what if no one likes what I am selling? 

Now, let’s really talk about this; let’s get to the bottom of this delay of dreams. Are you ready?

More than likely fear has kept you from launching your business or passion, but is all this worry really okay?

Is it really okay to be worried about sharing your business ideas with others, being afraid they might steal them? Is it okay to be worried you might not make it if you try? Or is it okay to worry you won’t be accepted, or that your product or service may not be good enough?

These are all genuine fears that are okay to have, however, they are NOT okay to hold onto. See, some of these fears are LIES.

If you start a business, yes, someone might try and do the same. However, in the end, they aren’t YOU so they can’t do what you can do. Also, I actually would be more worried if there wasn’t anyone trying to copy me because this means that my idea might not be as great as I thought it was. See, when someone copies us, it’s the biggest compliment and since we have no control over this we just need to look at it like, great someone thinks I am awesome! Make it a positive.

Worried you might not make it once you launch? Well, the truth is that is a probability because most businesses don’t make it. But before you jump to any conclusions and assume that I’m bursting your bubble, I want you to know that not trying is worse than failing. I repeat NOT trying is WORSE than failing.

Failure will teach you and train you and make you better for the next launch. It also allows you to have different perspectives on just how to do business.

I have failed several times and I am thankful I did! Because of those not so great ideas, I was able to take my last few ideas and turn them into profitable businesses.

If you’re worried that people won’t accept you, then here is a news flash…they won’t. I’ve been rejected so much it’s like no biggie now! Ha! Who would’ve thought rejection could be so easy?

What rejection does is redirect you.

And when you’re redirected, you usually turn right into the space you were meant to be in the first place. Your aim gets better, your target market becomes clearer, and you turn around and say, “Thank you, Jesus, for that rejection because now I’ve got this!”

So here it is again:

  • Rejection Helps You Identify Your Target Market
  • Rejection Creates Better Aim
  • Rejection Redirects
  • Redirection Takes You to The Space Meant For You

I know today who will listen to my advice, who will bother to read my blog, and who will buy from me. Yes, those are my besties! The ones who rejected me weren’t for me, and well, that’s okay with me.

So, I give you permission to have a little fear in the beginning but turn that fear into fuel and just do it: launch that business!

Here’s a helpful Guide to Launching a Business!





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