Know Your Numbers, Hit Your Goals

Fourteen hours into my day and I find myself planning for the next. I did this for the first four weeks of the new year, in what my partner and I called, Ramp Up Time.

On January 1st, I officially became a partner of a recruitment firm that offers end to end solutions for employers looking to fill open positions and candidates looking for new careers.

I was preparing for the new role of VP last quarter of 2017 but I am not sure I imagined working as much as I am today.

The truth is launching a new company is not a simple thing, well, not when your goals are in the millions and you’re determined to hit those numbers!  Our efforts today will lead us to be the destination of choice tomorrow and for this worker bee, that destination is in the 7 figures.

Do you know where your efforts are taking you?

It’s time to figure it out.

Ramp up time for my partner and I, meant taking the time to write down our numbers and figuring out exactly what it would take to get there. Once, we knew what those numbers were, it was easy to map out a plan.

Often times, entrepreneurs will take so much time building out an idea and product they forget the most important part, the numbers required to get their product or service into the land of profits.

Numbers, as much as I hated them in high school, are the very thing I live by today in both of my businesses.

Sure, I still can’t help my teenager with any of his Algebra homework, but in business, I will answer every single math equation that could arise about what it takes to get results!

2o connects a day

2 submits a day

10 submits a week

6-8 hires a month

These are what some of my numbers look like, numbers that will get me closer to that 7 figure goal.

But, could you really plan anything if you don’t know the requirements to arrive at the goal?

Ramp up for us meant we would get these numbers right in order to set up the entire year.  It meant knowing what to aim for and how to lead our team to hit that same target.  It also means we work until we get it right and until we get the momentum needed to get the year going in the right direction.

Take the time to write your numbers down and know them like your life depends on them!

I guarantee knowing the formula will make a world of difference.  Take the guessing out of how you will get to a profitable state, instead, know how and do the work it takes to get there.




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