Distracted By Everything that Sparkles

You’re a serial entrepreneur; you’ve literally started several businesses yet none have really taken off to the point where you would like. Does this sound familiar?

Now don’t judge, but this is the story of my life.  At the young age of 42, I’ve had several businesses under my belt. Some of which made money, but not enough, some which flopped, some that I started and never did enough to judge its potential. All of these businesses others had found huge success in and yet it just wasn’t happening for me.

But wait! It finally happened there was that the ONE that actually took off for me! It’s already been almost a decade and yet you’re probably wondering what the HECK was the difference? I know I had to really reflect and think about it.

Why did this last company actually take off while the others had not???

There are several reasons, but the biggest is that I was once addicted to everything that sparkled! And when I say “thing”, I mean every “opportunity”. If someone said, I could make money doing it, I jumped! Why wouldn’t I? I love money! I love making money! I love business! And yes, in that order.

I didn’t actually sign up for everything, probably because my husband wouldn’t allow it, but I entertained a ton of CRAP!  Okay, so it wasn’t all crap, but it was stuff I had no business getting into or even looking into.

Yup, I shouldn’t have sat through those meetings, taken those calls, watched those training videos, or signed up for those courses! Were they scams or bad business ideas? No, not really, but they weren’t ME!

The day I stopped chasing everything that sparkled, I found success.

Yup. I started a healthcare consulting company and became laser focused on everything healthcare. I had to say no to so much. The success was almost instantaneous!

Had I known sticking to one thing that was a good fit for me was going to bring me six figures a year, I would have done it long before opening up a coffee shop, an e-commerce store on eBay and several others.

The truth is, we have gifts and talents inside of us and we have passions too, so when we get behind ourselves and not behind everyone else’s dreams or visions we can do great! Not just great, but AH-MAZING!

Another reason why I believe I wasn’t succeeding then like today, was my priorities. Let’s go back to the statement above: I love money! I love making money! I love business! And yes, in that order. I had so much focus on making money quickly, that I ignored the very thing that made me an entrepreneur. I absolutely love creating! I love processes and people. I love taking something that is broken and fixing it. Before healthcare, I was so concentrated on the dollar, that I ignored the very gifts inside of me, that made me an entrepreneur.

Healthcare is something I actually fell into. Consulting came easy for me. See, as a serial entrepreneur I had made so many mistakes and had studied business so closely, that helping a doctor start a practice or grow a practice came easy. Remember, I love creating and fixing, that’s one of my gifts and I love people! I genuinely want others to succeed, so when I realized the need with healthcare professionals it just made sense and it was easy! Yes, easy! The first sign your doing something right!

First off, I started at a clinic. I took a job at a clinic and it trained me in Healthcare. I took the love for business and went on my own, taking what I learned at the clinic and created a business. I had also taken classes in Healthcare Administration working on a college degree. I took some basic fundamentals and applied it to a business that not only I was passionate about, but grew like crazy!

I took every experience even the ones from working at odd jobs and applied it to my new healthcare company. For example, the training I received while working in the ladies shoe department at Nordstroms! Yes, Nordies gave me the best training on customer service and what they taught me stuck! Again, I love people so I retained it all. When you love something or are passionate about something its easy to learn. I still use their fundamental policy which has made them a success until today, which is, the customer is always right! I have applied that philosophy to my own clients and have taught them to do the same with their patients. Perhaps, there are those moments when the customer and the patient are both wrong in our eyes, yet the mere fact that we are taking the time to hear and respect their point of view or be compassionate towards their needs, well that just speaks volumes when it comes to great customer service  or patient care!

My advice to you, is to stick to the one thing that has the most potential, but that you are most passionate about and lines up with your gifts and talents. If you already have a business and your frustrated about not growing, don’t give up. Analyse, the services, your marketing plan, the clients you are targeting, and even your processes. Have you automated processes to save time and money? Have you implemented a strong digital marketing plan? Are you still having fun?

Don’t get distracted by everything that sparkles like I once did, but rather focus on your niche. LASER FOCUS.

If your wondering whether or not its time to give up on your current business, it might be. You may not already be your very best line of business.

Lets chat. I offer a full business analysis and through a checklist I’ve created, I will give pin point the areas that need improvement.  Or help redirect you into a space of business that match your passions, gift and talents.

If you think you already know what needs improvements then great, you may just need help implementing the strategy to get things in order to improve those areas that are clogging up your business from growth!



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