Connecting with Clients to Make the Sale

Are you having a hard time connecting with new clients/customers? But don’t know why?

It’s really not as hard as you would think to do. See, there’s a secret to connecting with clients/customers.

How do you fall in love or connect with a character in a movie? It’s similar to this…

You get their back story: they were once abandoned, they suffered tragic loss, they divorced, they lost a job, they had some kind of pain or conflict, and as you watch, you begin to sympathize and relate to the character.

When you like the character or relate to them, you suddenly find yourself invested. The character somehow has captured your attention and you have connected with their story. You now cheer them on and want them to be the hero and win in the end!

Sharing your story will allow clients to make the human connection they (sometimes unknowingly) really want, especially when trying to connect online. I’m not at all saying tell them about your divorce or not so great childhood (unless it relates to what you’re selling, of course) but tell them how you got started, some of your trials and triumphs. Are you a wife, a mom, a stay at home dad who built his business online while your wife is slaying the corporate world? Connecting with others will actually help you make the sale, gain their trust, and possibly even bond you over some past experiences.

Your audience will appreciate the insight into who you are. This type of insight gives them the fuel to cheer you because they like who you are and appreciate the pain it took you to get here. They also often find hope in you when it comes to offering them services that offer them personal growth!

Allow people the opportunity to relate to you. Connecting on a deeper level with your audience can bring you repeat business, loyalty even if you somehow dropped the ball, and those clients will always be your best marketers (referring others to you).



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