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Have you always wanted to start a business?

I was born selling. Like my grandfather and other relatives, entrepreneurship is in my DNA. This is why I’ve been relentlessly working at this thing called business since before I can remember!

My serial entrepreneurial journey began at a young age. I did it all from retail, to selling Avon, joining MLM companies (thinking I would become filthy rich), to connecting my husband with an investor to flip houses (years before flipping got trendy). I bought a coffee shop (before Starbucks took world domination), and sold it two years later (when Starbucks took over my town). I’ve had a clothing and shoe store on eBay, and now for the last eight years I have been married to the healthcare industry!

I know this is one extended resume and I quite possibly just made myself sound older than I am, but in reality, I’m just forty-two years young (just double 21!).

Years of DOING business has given me the best TRAINING possible. I have what I like to say is a masters in the school of life with a major in business.

My current company, whose healthcare emphasis has been provider enrollments and credentialing, was founded in October of 2010 and it’s been the best project yet – reaching income goals within months after launching. Plus, I literally started it with zero investment and on the brink of bankruptcy!

To maximize my company’s goals I started consulting physicians and other healthcare organizations on processes and began improving systems, which resulted in better patient care between my clients and their patients. Creating systems and making things better is my gift. At least this is what my clients and I have discovered is the best part of what I do, improvements.

The truth is I love helping others succeed!

And yet, as my company grew organically I still had one MAJOR challenge and that was growing online! Every single time I logged onto the web my competitors ads would pop up! I had an amazing service and one people needed, so why was it so hard to grow online?

Frustrated, I went to work; I dug deep and got into the trenches with the best of them. I was out to discover the secrets to truly growing online. What I uncovered was a world of 101 things to do to rank higher on Google, to capturing the right audience, to SEO, social media marketing, video marketing, and a growing list! I also recognized clearly the difference between sales and marketing. Marketing is when you take the time to nurture relationships, this is most of what I did for my healthcare clients, it wasn’t sales.

Sales are more transactional, you full fill a need and they bought.

As a RELENTLESS ENTREPRENEUR, I chose three things to learn, master, and conquer in regards to building.

So, here I am today. Growing. And I want to teach you to do the same. No more excuses of not being able to afford help. I will teach you how to do the basics and once you start to generate some cash flow, you can then hire someone to help!

And if you don’t have a business yet and only an idea, I will help you go from idea to launch and beyond!

Since it’s such an exciting time to be in business, where we can have an online presence and work from literally anywhere in the world, I’ve spent a lot of time testing online markets, platforms, and technologies to get the instruments we all need to succeed.

I want to give you the tools to automate systems allowing you to make more money, save time, and hit your financial goals!

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