3 Steps To Staying In Love with Your Business

You launched a business based on your passions, but how do you stay in love with a business when things get tough?

An entrepreneur will leap with faith into something they love and believe in. They will stand behind a product or service that they know well where they are considered an expert. In the beginning, they’ll be fully in love with their business, and put their all into it.

But what happens when an entrepreneur falls out of love with their product, service or entire business? What if the excitement and passion fizzles?

Bumps in the road, unexpected delays in process, loss of cash, or even problems with employees, can kill the joy in building a business. And then there’s the not so pleasant customer or client that can quickly leave disappointment in all that you believed in.

Ten plus years into healthcare and 7 years into the service of credentialing healthcare providers, and I have to admit, I find myself in this space of love/hate with my business every now and then.

I love healthcare. I love my clients. I love business. I love creating processes. I love helping my clients get to the place they need to be in order to succeed. And yet, I don’t love the process of credentialing all the time. This is the main service offered by my company and so you can see where this could be a big bummer!

I actually can do the service in my sleep but have burned out on the tedious process called credentialing. I don’t usually admit this because I feel guilty, like I should really love what I do. Yet, I’ve come to a place in my business where I realize the good and bad patterns and what sucks the love right out of it.

When I put the right people in place, credentialing is not as tedious. When I hire extremely amazing administrative ninjas, they love the task of credentialing physicians and do it well! Meanwhile, I can work on my business instead of in it. I now know that working in my business rather than on it drives me insane! Literally, I go mad. I get upset and beat myself up. It’s not a pretty picture. When in this space you can find me nibbling on way too much chocolate and craving a lot of wine! Ha!

See, I know after 15+ years of entrepreneurship that I must work on the business and not in it if I want to succeed. And so, it’s not my business that I don’t love, but rather, running it incorrectly that will bring me to this place of falling out of love.

So, what do you do when you find yourself in this place?

Here are some of the things that have helped me navigate the waters of business and get back into my zone.

  1. Hire experts: make sure they are smart and can do the work with little to no supervision. (Good idea is hire, people that are smarter than you!)
  2. Delegate: some of us hire but still hoard work for ourselves as though we are the only ones capable (which is a lie). Let it go.
  3. Report: daily reports changed my life when I implemented them with my employees. You can do this with yourself if you don’t have staff. Create a morning list, then an end of the day report, to track the status of project and to make sure you’re on track to hit deadlines.

I am so glad I reached a point where I recognize I need the right people in place to grow. And for this reason, I have decided to delegate and let go. It’s the best space for me and I must stay in my lane where I am happiest. Adding those daily reports have made me stay on track and check progress of myself and my team. This ideal way of doing business actually allows me to build and that just makes me FREAKIN’ HAPPY!

When we can apply these 3 steps, we will have a better chance of remaining in love with the business we created.






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