5 Questions You Should Ask Before Launching a Second Project

Before you launch that second project, ask yourself just a few questions.

Launching a business can be exciting! Creating and building is what us entrepreneurs live for and launching something new can be as exciting as falling in love!

The excitement comes with knowing there is a possibility that you will make money using your gifts and talents!

But wait!

What if you constantly have the need to feel that rush over a new product, new service, or a new launch over and over?

How do you start new projects over and over without completely leaving every project you begin at the mercy of neglect?

Time and time again I have jumped at a great idea. I assume God himself gave me that idea for a reason and so I take action! Perhaps, he did but maybe he did not! I wouldn’t know because I don’t wait long enough to find out. I simply launched.

The good news is you don’t have to stop with one business but you do have to get one to a place of success before you launch another. This is the truth.

Yes, you can launch multiple projects and you will, if you are truly that entrepreneur, but knowing how to be faithful to the first project until its both profitable and successful is the key!

Being patient, during the strategic planning period, the launch, and the building process, will be crucial.

I talk a lot about distractions because they can be our biggest enemy! A new idea, will only distract you from the first one. So before you launch make sure it’s the right thing to do, at this time.

5 Questions to ask yourself before launching that second project as an entrepreneur:

1. Is it the right time or season? The launching of a new business, project or service must be calculated.

2. Is this idea a profitable one? Do you know your numbers? I’ve seen it over and over again where a small business is launched without knowing the cost to do business. If you do it without making sure it can be profitable then you will waste a ton of time and be left disappointed.

3. Is this something I love or a good idea others have been successful at, so its sounds like a good thing to do? Often times people will launch other peoples passions simply because they see it can make money. Make sure you can see yourself doing this business long term, before you go for it. You should love what you do.

4. Will this take away from my current business which is doing well but still needs a lot of attention? Neglecting one project to start another can leave you with two not so great projects. I would suggest you don’t launch a second until the first can sustain itself.

5. Do I have people in place to help me, so I can juggle several projects? Having people to delegate work to will allow me to work on my business instead of in it.

The secret to success will be determined on your ability to complete a task and see a business all the way through from conception to success!



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