10 Excuses that Will Keep You From a Profitable Business

Have you been preparing for a launch or possibly a relaunch?

You’ve probably written out the plan and determined the work it will take to get there. Perhaps, you’ve created timelines and goals to hit.  Some of these are probably your income and profit goals.

Are your goals too high or possible too low?

Take a good look and examine where you’ve set them, especially those income and profit goals.

Now, what happens when our goals determined our aim?

Yet, year after year we set goals to hit. Instead of setting goals we just may not hit, because they were too high.

Imagine, creating a list and being able to check off every single thing on that list? Would this actually be a good thing? This is why aim matters in business.

When it comes to business goals, should we be aiming at attainable goals or trying to hit outrageous goals? Wouldn’t we be better off getting closer to those outrageous profits than the attainable lower ones? Yes.

What about setting goals and not actually aiming at all? What would be the point of goals then?

Here are 10 common excuses that will keep you from hitting business goals either in the launch or building phase:

1. I don’t have money.

2. It’s not the right season.

3. My kids are too small.

4. My kids are too old.

5. I’m tired.

6. I’ll do it tomorrow.

7. Maybe I’m not really good enough to do it.

8. Maybe I will fail.

9. I don’t have time.

10. Someone else is already doing it.

Know where you are today with that business, where you want to go tomorrow and get honest about what the heck is keeping you from launching or growing. Maybe the kids are too small but that would just give you more time to strategically plan and research your business before the time comes to launch. They grow super quick, I promise! I have three, two out of the house already. Whaaa…

Let’s be honest. It’s really about the work. If you don’t want to work hard, the bottom line is you get NOWHERE! With or without kids, money, and time.

Studies have shown that, rich people are creators of their destiny. Do you want to create your destiny?

On the other hand most (not all) poor people believe they are creatures of their circumstances and that life happens to them.

The second group of people blame everyone for what they don’t have… anybody and everyone will be blamed. They justify why they don’t grow in life… they tend to complain vs make progress.

Meanwhile, the first group aim high (usually this is all they know how to do) and move towards those outrageous goals regardless. Mindset can play a big role in actions.

The Law of Attraction states:
What you focus on expands and what you focus on you attract because you are so focused on it!

So, why not focus on the outrageous business goals verse focusing on the lowers ones? Why not make things happen verses allowing them to happen to us?

If you grew up poor and not rich, break the cycle. Train your thinking and gain control of your destiny by aiming high in business! You can do it. I know if the rich can, we all can!



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