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Can you really launch a business in less than 30 days? Yup! I did. I started ten years ago with zero and was in business just days after I decided to do so. I had a service to offer and I began by giving it a name and telling the right people that I was in business. As the weeks went by I registered my name with the county as a sole proprietor and later, when I realized I actually had something “real”, I drove to the state office in Los Angeles and filed to incorporate my business. I did…

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  • Small businesses generate three-fifths of net new jobs, driving a big share of U.S. employment growth. In total, small businesses employ 58 million, or 47.8 percent of all private-sector employees. #SmallBusiness #Girllovesbiz
  • New BLog -- Link in bio! --Many people venture out from a traditional job to start their own business for several reasons. Freedom and more money can be the biggest motivation. But how do we guarantee that the business we choose to launch will actually give us freedom and money? What if we leave that secure job only to find we don’t have much freedom and keep less money? That is one big WHAT IF! #girllovezBiz #Business #Newbusiness
  • Happy Fathers to great man and great dad! Thanks for all that you do and for raising these boys right! Good job babe!👏🏼👏🏻🙌🏻❤️
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  • Do your research, avoid legal surprises in your industry.  In every country in the world, businesses have legal regulations with which they must comply. Perform your due diligence to understand how to register as a business entity, the licenses you must obtain and the taxes you must pay. #Girllovesbiz #Startup #newbusiness #Business101
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  • How will you weather the storm? Happy Saturday - #Girllovesbiz
  • Friday meetings are always the best❤️

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