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Can you really launch a business in less than 30 days? Yup! I did. I started ten years ago with zero and was in business just days after I decided to do so. I had a service to offer and I began by giving it a name and telling the right people that I was in business. As the weeks went by I registered my name with the county as a sole proprietor and later, when I realized I actually had something “real”, I drove to the state office in Los Angeles and filed to incorporate my business. I did…

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  • Investing in building an online presence can be one of the wisest decisions for any business in today’s times. With the majority of your customers active on the internet, online elements -- executed appropriately -- can make all the difference to your business marketing campaign. #Girllovesbiz #Smallbusiness #BusinessTips
  • Good morning! Will you wake up today and get to work? Every step towards your goals in a step closer to success.

I'm curious what are your goals today? #GirllovesBiz #BusinessQuotes #LetsWork
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  • Goals can be too small. Don’t underestimate what you can achieve. Aim higher, build bigger, master more, surprise others! 🎯 #goals #7figure #girllovesbiz
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